Golden Dragon Productions

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It is said that truth is stranger than fiction', so welcome to Golden Dragon Productions, whose main aim is to challenge accepted history by using the medium of film and television to reveal even more of the great mysteries - past and present - through multi-platform media formats.


Founded in 2014 by Sheena Mac Brayne, the key to Golden Dragon's remit is uncovering amazing stories and telling them so well that, put simply, the incredible becomes credible. 

Golden Dragon works with  some of the world's most dynamic researchers, writers and investigators, focusing on finding great, revealing stories about real people: stories that  challenge the audience’s perception of History and seek to uncover the truth, presenting it in entertaining and informative ways that allow audiences to make up their own minds and enjoy the experience of doing so.

Golden Dragon, with partners in China and the Middle East and resident co-producers in Beijing and Cairo, also takes advantage of the British Film Institute’s (BFI) new co-production treaty with China by acting as a contact for Chinese films looking for international distribution, and equally for UK films seeking distribution on DVD and internet platforms in China. 

Current Productions  (see following pages)

'Da Song’ (in edit): 14-part documentary series on the Song Dynasty for Chinese Television. Currently producing a shorter version for international release 

In Development:

- ‘Shiva Calling’,
3 x 1 hour co-production with Red Lotus in the USA.

'Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny.'

M. Aurelius

- Firebird’, 6 x 1 hour or 3 x 90 minute mini-series based on a true story, with accompanying multi-platform documentary

- Secret of the Great Pyramid’: Completed 100-minute pre-production screenplay; currently approaching Broadcasters

- 'Egypt’s Last Pharaoh’:  6-part mini-series on King Farouk with accompanying documentary. Filmed on location in Rome and Cairo with access to stunning archive, this is the story of the man behind the myth by the people who knew him behind the headlines.

- Promise of Heaven?:  Feature documentary about the human dimension behind the headlines of the current conflict in the Middle East seen through the eyes of three remarkable women - Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian - whose families have had a major impact on the history and politics of the region  

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