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With great sadness we must report Sheena's passing over on the 19th April, 2021, after courageously battling a long illness.

Sheena was an extraordinary lady, as evidenced by the projects on her website. A talented writer and creative film producer, she also adored travel, revealing a strong individual streak even in her younger years by running away to join a travelling circus after finishing school. Always a great lover of life, laughter, adventure, fun, and Nature in all its forms, she nevertheless had the wisdom to realise the true value of hard work, scholarship and learning in the subjects that truly interested and fascinated her. 

One such was Film, where she combined ability with derring-do and high adventure as a director of one of the largest SFX companies in Europe, happily devising and developing spectacular whizz-bangs for major films such as 'Yanks', 'Yentl' and many others. Another of her strengths was in publishing where, in both the USA and UK, she successfully arranged for good authors and good books to reach the market.    

Yet perhaps her greatest passion was Egypt, where she lived for many years documenting and delighting in its history both ancient and modern, all of which resulted in growing international renown for the many film, TV and multi-media projects that she developed both then and since, such as the 2001 film 'The Tutankhamun Conspiracy' which she wrote, directed and produced, as aired on Channels 4 and 5 in the UK. 

Many other film, book, TV and multi-media projects followed on other Middle Eastern, Russian and Chinese themes, several of which will now be published posthumously.       

Yet above all, Sheena loved Life and all that it had to offer. As she wrote in her own words: 

"These accumulate in a great ball of living light that is not restricted to this physical dimension, which vivifies all that is above and enlightens all that is below if we can just see it.  A loving thought and memory - after one has passed - links souls in this and the other dimensions.... there is no death and love and eternal joy is our birthright. But we have to embrace it and live it heart and soul. I have come to understand deeply from my perspective that it's the little things that matter, and that the big brouhahas of the world in effect mean nothing in the greater scheme of things. What matters is learning to live in harmony with all Creation and the first step along that road is to live peacefully with ourselves, having the wisdom and humour to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. It has been a wonderful journey and I've been so privileged to share parts of it with all of you."

With her very particular form of joie de vivre, we shall sorely miss her. 

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