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"Life is Film, Man is Actor, God is Director"
(as written on an Indian bus)



A 1-hour documentary

   based on the book 


The Hidden Oracle of India’


Andrew and Angela Donovan


‘Love nothing but that which comes to you

woven in the pattern of your destiny…’

Marcus Aurelius


What the programme is about


It’s about identity - a quest to find out who we are and how we can enrich and benefit our lives today.  It begins by taking a group of 'seekers’ (of differing backgrounds and nationalities) to India, each eagerly ready to take an intimate and emotionally-charged journey back in time to learn the story of their lives. Can it really be possible that someone’s past, present and future lives were written in ancient Sanskrit millennia ago by Indian sages? 


The programme is accessible to a wide audience … the individual journeys make compelling viewing as they unfold before our eyes, beginning with the ‘seekers’ highly personal confessions as to what they expect and what they fear might be revealed, followed by the element of anticipation and suspense that begins the moment they give their thumbprint - the seeker’s unique identity - on their journey to find their very own leaf.  


Then the long wait before finally arriving at the Naadi Centre in Delhi to sit with the Reader, sometimes for hours, going through bundles of leaves until their leaf is found with every detail of their life written as they know it up to that very moment: family names, dates, occupations, health, love-life, all of it confirming the uniqueness of who they are. An hour goes by … the atmosphere intensifies until the seeker is summoned again to receive the complete reading of their lifetime – but what will it reveal?  We get a peek of some of the most outstanding and shockingly-precise revelations in an emotional roller-coaster for all involved. 


The completion of the experience comes with the revelation of their past lives, misdemeanors and worse!  Yet thanks to the Brahmin priests each one is offered a ‘get out of jail card free’ - the opportunity to clear their sins and put everything right for their futures, depending on the sins held on their leaf as written and the ‘puja’ (prayer) required to ameliorate them – i.e. go and feed or clothe a specific number of poor children, men or women, buy a cow for a poor farmer or contribute to a child’s education and then, when home, light a candle and regularly give thanks and blessings.  A year or more can also be spent on their behalf by the Brahmin Priests chanting continual prayers for the seeker’s future well-being. 


Closure comes with a ceremonial copper plate beautifully stamped and blessed for the seeker to collect at the appointed time when the puja is complete. They are then expected to visit a designated temple in India to finalize their new ‘beginning’ with a ceremony and blessing from the priests.  An example is shared by a past seeker this year who signed a music contract in the USA on the very day the completion of her puja was confirmed. 


In April 2015 other past ‘seekers’ are convening in Delhi for a celebration party on their Naadi experiences, sharing what happened to them with genuine openness and honesty.… how has it changed their lives? Have their predictions come true? Have they found deeper meaning and fulfillment? 


Introducing the authors Andrew and Angela … how they unwittingly went ‘in pursuit of their soul journey’, how it changed their lives overnight, in one instance a life-saving event which eventually led them to write the story of their lives to benefit others in search of who they are.


With glorious images of India and its magical places - towns, cities, markets and temples - we learn of the ancient Hindu Gods: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu and the 7 Rishis  -  Saints who by the divine will of Shiva wrote up the leaves on all of humanity and so much more.  Did such an ancient culture, lost in the mists of time, also leave important written clues on the nature of our current reality today for us to discover, all as written by the Sages? 

The ‘Shiva Calling documentary is ‘stand-alone’ but can be made as a ‘pilot’ for a series (6 or 12 programmes x 48 minutes) - an even greater expose of the vast collection of ancient palm-leaves covering subjects as diverse as Science, Anatomy, Biology, Astronomy, Architecture, Literature, Astrology, Military Weaponry, Drama, Phonetics, Music, Cosmetic Surgery, Acupuncture, Agriculture.   It is all held in India’s most prestigious University libraries in Madras and Mysore.


Yet only in recent years did scholars begin the painstaking process of cataloguing, preserving and translating more of these leaves, with hundreds of thousands still to be sorted and deciphered, in all covering every aspect of the ancient Tamil civilization and its staggering breadth and depth of learning, culture and knowledge.  Throughout the series we give Experts from each particular field the enthralling opportunity to learn for themselves what was recorded in minute detail thousands of years ago and how it adds to or alters their currently-held perceptions.

Shot on HD, the locations are mainly in India, with a strong narrative thread and an intriguing mix of seekers telling their stories, with voice-over. The programme would also work as well with a presenter if she/he is also a ‘seeker’ taking part in the process. 


We are currently in discussion with a highly respected film, TV and documentary producer in the USA with a view to co-producing the series. By using the illuminating power of film to shed light on stories that spark and inspire the human imagination, the aim is to produce conscious media that educates and contributes to the advancement of society and ultimately to the betterment of the world, inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility for each other and the planet.

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