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‘The Secret of the Great Pyramid’

100 minutes, pre-production



‘We have made the most remarkable discovery … papyri letters, all sorts of signs and symbols hardly known to date.’

Lord Carnarvon, London and New York Times, 4th December 1922


… Yet within days of Carnarvon’s announcement, the papyri disappear and Lord Carnarvon dies under mysterious circumstances.  Was he the victim of a Pharaonic curse or something more sinister?


It’s 1933.  Egypt is in the midst of an economic and political crisis … poverty, corruption and rioting by nationalist and religious parties, Misr el Fattah and the newly-formed Muslim Brotherhood funded by Germany’s Nazi party.  Throughout the Middle East, British authority is being challenged and nowhere more so than in an Egypt under British occupation.  The latter’s high-handed acquisition of the Iranian and Iraqi oil fields and her handling of Jewish immigration into Palestine is causing tension, not only with the Arabs but with her European neighbours and the United States.  His Majesty’s High Commissioner in Cairo, Sir Charles Lumley, and his Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Harry Burnett-Browne, are in no mood to tolerate any nonsense, least of all from Howard Carter who’s been a thorn in their sides for years.  


Famous crime writer, Agatha Christie, arrives in Cairo in March to research the facts for her new book, ‘The Mummie’s Curse’, an investigation into the deaths associated with the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb.  Over lunch with Lord Carnarvon’s daughter, Lady Evelyn Herbert, prior to leaving for Egypt, Agatha has learned that the story the world knows concerning the finding of the tomb is not the real story.  Moreover, Carter and Carnarvon discovered information in the tomb that Lady Evelyn believes led to her father’s death. 


Carter’s in Cairo completing the restoration of the artefacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb before leaving on a lecture tour of the United States.  His friendship with Agatha was forged during a visit she made to Luxor in 1931.  Now her star is in the ascendant whilst his appears to be sliding down the slippery slope to retirement and oblivion.   He has never received a title or the honour due to someone who has made the greatest archaeological find in history, a fact that has always puzzled Agatha.


At a reunion in the office of Egyptian archaeologist, Professor Selim Hassan, on the Giza Plateau, Carter receives a cardboard box … inside is a dead falcon, its throat slit.  As a student of the occult, Agatha realises it’s a warning.  Soon afterwards, Carter’s ‘rais’ from Luxor, Girgar, is murdered, his throat slit like the falcon’s.  Agatha is convinced of a conspiracy at the highest level surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb; the dead falcon confirms her suspicions.  Concerned for her friend’s safety, she challenges Carter to tell her the truth, but is the world ready for this revelation or will it be a future generation who will finally unlock the 'Secret of the Great Pyramid’?

Based on a true story, the film is for international release.  There is an accompanying documentary (1-hour) laying out the supporting evidence and a book, to be represented by Literary Agent, Fiona Spencer Thomas. 

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