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                       ‘Egypt’s Last Pharaoh’

                                                     6 x 1-hour or 3 x 90-minutes

                                The life and mysterious death of King Farouk

Farouk, born into a life of Eastern opulence and privilege in the 'Paris' of the Middle East (Cairo), he died a lonely ‘monarch in exile’ in Rome in 1965, supposedly by choking whilst dining with his mistress.  On the surface living the Dolce Vita’, in his pocket were found only a few dollars.  Where had the millions gone?  Was this once-glamorous, riches to rags figure really responsible for his own demise or was he murdered by an unseen hand? 


Dismissed by history as a boorish buffoon, was Farouk the victim of a character-assassination by the media when he wouldn’t do as Egypt’s foreign occupiers wished?  Earlier in his reign the darling of the Egyptian people for keeping their dreams of independence alive, did his successor, Gamal Abdel Nasser, fear they would welcome him back from exile?  Was there a conspiracy at the highest level to ensure this didn’t happen?  Described as ‘Caliph’ of the Islamic World, would the history of the Middle East be different today if he’d survived as leader of the Arab world? 


Filmed on location in Rome and Cairo with access to stunning archive, this is the story of the man behind the myth by the people who knew him behind the headlines.


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